Lucy's Lecture Topics

If your group or organization is interested in additional topics or subjects Lucy is, with enough lead time, able to customize lectures specifically for your audience. Email Lucy at or call her at 503-231-0025 to find out how to book Lucy for an upcoming meeting or event!

  • All Around the Color Wheel: Choosing Colors for Your Garden
  • Back to the Future: Cutting Edge Gardens and Gardeners of the Pacific Northwest
  • Beyond Plants: Furnishing the Garden (Gates, Walkways, Terraces, Fences, Walls, Screens Arbors, Seating, Water Features, etc.)
  • Big, Bold and Beautiful: Gardening to Scale
  • Bodacious Borders: The Dynamics of Designing with Color, Texture and Form
  • Creating Intimate Space in Your Garden
  • From Sidewalk to Tree Top: Maximizing Space in the Garden
  • Full Frontal Gardens: Say Goodbye to the Traditional Lawn
  • Gone to Pots: Designing with Containers
  • Primary Colors: How to Integrate Red, Yellow and Blue in the Garden for Special Effects
  • The Color Story: A Novel Idea
  • Up, Up and Away: Vertical Garden
  • Voluptuous Vignettes: Creating Artful Plant Combinations
  • What Color is Your Garden? Using Color to Personalize Your Garden
  • Wherefore Art Thou? Wild, Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Garden Art

Lucy Hardiman

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